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Made to order Layflat polythene tubing

We can manufacture layflat tubing in clear, tinted or opaque colours from 4” (100mm) to 64” (1625 mm) & from 100g (25 micron) to 1000g (250 micron).
*Not all widths are possible in all gauges, so please just check with us first.

Stocked Layflat polythene tubing

We do stock a variety of clear layflat tubing which is made using food approved virgin material, ranging from 4" (100mm) up to 36" (910mm) wide, in 200g, 250g, 400g and 500g gauges as listed in the pricing tables below. We also stock Builders sheeting in 3 different gauges, which is economically priced because it is made from recycled material. Some black rolls are also stocked and don't forget we can make any size to order.

We are proud to announce that here at Cransford Polythene we can now manufacture biodegradable polythene products. We have sourced d2w® oxo-biodegradable (controlled-life) plastic additive, a British manufactured additive, and can manufacture a vast range of products using this internationally recognised and highly awarded Eco-label.
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Film on the roll - Layflat Tubing - Medium duty 200 gauge

ID CodeDescriptionGaugeRoll wt/kgsPrice/roll
88684" x 420m200g4£9.10
79305" x 420m200g5£10.75
74776" x 420m200g6£12.45
76567" x 420m200g7£14.40
75928" x 420m200g8£16.00
75939" x 420m200g9£17.80
759410" x 420m200g10£19.10
759512" x 420m200g12£23.20
607216" x 420m200g16£30.90
756618" x 420m200g18£34.00
756720" x 420m200g20£37.50
756824" x 420m200g24£44.70
759730" x 210m200g15£26.70
759836" x 210m200g18£32.50

Film on the roll - Layflat Tubing - Medium duty 250 gauge

ID CodeDescriptionGaugeRoll wt/kgsPrice/roll
76134" x 336m250g4£9.10
89265" x 336m250g5£10.75
60666" x 336m250g6£12.45
60677" x 336m250g7£14.40
60688" x 336m250g8£16.00
60699" x 336m250g9£17.80
607010" x 336m250g10£19.10
607112" x 336m250g12£23.20
766016" x 336m250g16£30.90
607318" x 336m250g18£34.00
607420" x 336m250g20£37.50
607524" x 336m250g24£44.70
607630" x 118m250g15£26.70
607736" x 118m250g18£32.50

Film on the roll - Layflat Tubing - Heavy duty 400 gauge

ID CodeDescriptionGaugeRoll wt/kgsPrice/roll
87694" x 210m400g4£9.10
75755" x 210m400g5£10.75
76666" x 210m400g6£12.45
76677" x 210m400g7£14.40
76688" x 210m400g8£16.00
76029" x 210m400g9£17.80
767010" x 210m400g10£19.10
767112" x 210m400g12£23.20
767216" x 210m400g16£30.90
768018" x 210m400g18£34.00
763220" x 210m400g20£37.50
764224" x 210m400g24£44.70
762230" x 105m400g15£26.70
767736" x 105m400g18£32.50

Film on the roll - Layflat Tubing - Heavy duty 500 gauge

ID CodeDescriptionGaugeRoll wt/kgsPrice/roll
81884" x 168m500g4£9.10
91225" x 168m500g5£10.75
60786" x 168m500g6£12.45
60797" x 168m500g7£14.40
60808" x 168m500g8£16.00
60819" x 168m500g9£17.80
608210" x 168m500g10£19.10
608312" x 168m500g12£23.20
608416" x 168m500g16£30.90
608518" x 168m500g18£34.00
608620" x 168m500g20£37.50
608724" x 168m500g24£44.70
608830" x 84m500g15£26.70
608936" x 84m500g18£32.50

Centre-folded Polythene Sheeting on the roll

All 1m wide, opening up to 2m wide

ID CodeDescriptionGaugePrice/roll
5710Clear Sheeting x 100m175g£16.00
5709Clear Sheeting x 100m250g£22.00
5711Clear Sheeting x 100m500g£33.10