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Bespoke polythene products made to order

We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke polythene tubing, sheeting and bags. Get in touch today to have bags or film on a roll made exactly to your own specification. There is no having to stick to "The next size up" or "The next size down", you can have any size or gauge you like. The minimum order quantity is very small for a bespoke product, often under £200. We can manufacture the following products to order:

Bespoke polythene products made to your specification

Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) - effective from 1st April 2022
All plastic packaging without a 30% recycled content will be subject to the new Plastic Packaging Tax. Here at Cransford Polythene we have many years experience with recycled packaging, and we have many recycled product lines to suit your exact application. We are happy to supply samples if needed, let's work together towards a greener packaging solution.
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