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Polythene bin liners and waste sacks

High quality, made in-house and manufactured using 96% - 100% recycled materials. See below for our stock of refuse sacks that are either loose packed in boxes or on a roll for retail sale, and also larger compactor sacks, green garden bags and clear refuse sacks for security sensitive issues. Don't see what you want? Don't forget we will make any size to order.

ID CodeDimensionsGaugeDescriptionPriceBox quantity
275015" x 29" x 34"160g10 black sacks/roll, heavy duty, labelled for retail sale£0.69 / roll25 rolls
775815" x 29" x 34"140g20 black sacks/roll, heavy duty, labelled for retail sale£1.40 / roll20 rolls
312518" x 29" x 39"135gClear bags for recycled waste£76.00 per 1000200
275518" x 29" x 39"150gLoose packed black dustbin sacks£60.00 per 1000200
242018" x 29" x 39"180gLoose packed black dustbin sacks£76.00 per 1000250
570820" x 34" x 47"190gBlack compactor sacks£119.00 per 1000100
242420" x 34" x 47"260gBlack compactor sacks£151.00 per 1000100
244029" x 44" x 56"150gWheelie bin liners£135.00 per 1000100
242119" x 34" x 52"400gHeavy duty Woodchip bags£395.00 per 1000100