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Produce bags

We stock a range of clear polythene bags with small punch holes to allow the product inside to breath and avoid condensation, and we also now offer in-house printed potato bags at prices competitive with any imported bags, you can even have your company name or own design printed on the bags. We also stock some bags for retail use which are at the bottom of this page.

Clear bags with perforations to let the product breathe

ID CodeDimensionsGaugePerforationPrice/1000
29367" x 9"120g4 x 6mm holes£6.40
29358" x 12"120g4 x 6mm holes£9.25
29349" x 12"120g4 x 6mm holes£10.25
293710" x 15"120g6 x 6mm holes£13.50
272412" x 15"120g6 x 6mm holes£16.40
364112" x 18"120g6 x 6mm holes£19.35

Clear bags printed "Selected Potatoes"

ID CodeDimensionsPerforationPrice/1000
27379" x 12.5"   (holds 1.5kg)4 x 6mm holes£17.40
273810" x 15.5" (holds 2.5kg)6 x 6mm holes£23.50
273912.5" x 20" (holds 5kg)6 x 6mm holes£39.95

Thin High Density Polythene bags

ID CodeDimensionsDescriptionPrice/1000
27409" x 14"Clear HDPE Bags on a roll£3.12
27419" x 14" x 18"Clear HDPE Bags on a roll£5.98
27659" x 14" x 18"Clear HDPE "Knot Bags" on a roll£5.45